Binance is an international application for exchanging cryptomoney created by Changpeng Zhao in Hong Kong in 2017. Its name, inspired by the words "binary" and "finance", describes its function: investing and issuing virtual money in the digital world. It is thus independent and does not need to go through a traditional central bank.

Binance: a complete and accessible monetary application

Trading platform, Binance, offers the possibility to use about a hundred digital currencies and electronic currencies, among which the best known, Bitcoin and Ethereum. It supports bank transfers, withdrawals and collections. It allows to exchange currencies against each other, to store, buy and sell them. It is even possible to earn interest on cryptomoney and to benefit from a very advantageous interest rate. Transactions are carried out in complete security and transparency, protected in particular by a Secure Asset Fund for Users.

The handling has been designed with simple and effective features to facilitate transactions, even for beginners. Two interfaces exist depending on the level of use, from the beginner to the expert. With millions of users worldwide, the Binance application is available wherever you are and whatever the medium used. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS.

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