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There is no doubt that smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Everyone who has adopted their technologies since their inception wants to enjoy the latest home automation technologies. The littlelf smart application is developed by Shenzhen Skyline security Co, Ltd. It is a security camera capable of making a home safe and secure. But how does it work?

Littlelf smart: features of the application

It is a convenient and reliable intimate home surveillance solution. Wireless mini camera littlelf 1080 p with storage plan, allowing intelligent recording. Wireless Wifi connection, when it moves, it receives alerts and forms a small reminder movie. The smart camera supports multiple screens to allow multiple users to watch simultaneously. Many people protect their loved ones and pets inside and outside. Other features include two-way audio, adjustable night vision and customizable motion detection.

The 360 wifi camera creates a 360° panoramic view of the entire room. The small indoor security camera is not only a home protection, but also a powerful assistant. The motion tracking features allow you to track the action by sending a real-time notification to your phone. Easy to install, just go to the Google play store to download and install the littlelf program on your smartphone. However, you will need to download and install an emulator to install it on your Windows PC first.

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