The ShareMe: File sharing application, available on Android and iOS, was created by Xiaomi Inc. and aims to facilitate the transfer of large files between devices. Whether between two mobile devices or between a mobile and a computer.

How does ShareMe: File sharing work?

Previously known as Mi Drop, ShareMe: File sharing for Android device allows you to exchange files. Users need to download the application on their device. It provides security and ease of use while allowing you to easily send the file to the mobile or computer concerned. You will have to select the file(s) to send and then through the geolocation feature select the device of your contact. To validate the reception of the documents, Xiaomi Inc has set up a security system that forces the receiving device to accept the reception of the files.

The advantages of ShareMe: File sharing are numerous: with a simple, uncluttered and intuitive interface, it will always allow you to know what action you are performing; security is a major issue in file sharing, the application is designed to protect the different devices sending or receiving the files through different confirmation processes but also an encryption protocol

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