Google Classroom

Google Classroom is designed as an optimized and user-friendly application for managing the tasks of teachers in schools, associations and all users with a Google Account. Instructors can create lessons, assign assignments, send comments and view everything in one place.

Organize your class from home

Google Classroom is a pedagogical application specifically designed for teachers and educators to help them organize their daily lives. The application offers many ways to make lessons more effective and meaningful through task optimization, better collaboration and direct communication. To invite students to a virtual classroom, the teacher gives them a code that they can use to log in. Using this code, students can then identify and access the website.

With its simple configuration and convenient features, the application is ideal for education. Daily tasks can be optimized with Classroom. This allows course leaders to focus on what they do best: teaching. Teachers can monitor their students' progress and provide additional feedback at the right time. Thanks to streamlined workflows, there is more time for constructive and targeted advice.

Google Classroom also works with hundreds of learning applications. These integrations save time for instructors and students and allow seamless sharing of information between Classroom and other applications. All users can use Classroom free of charge.

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Google Inc. doesn't seem to want to develop this application on PC... but that's no reason to give up! Would you like to be able to download and install Google Classroom on Windows 10? Vote for this application on WishApplist and contact the editor to ask him when it will be developed! The more we are to ask for it, the more chances we have to see it on PC! You can also create an account in order to be alerted when this application will be available !

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