MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution is an RPG recreating a transdimensional world resulting from the Convergence. This application combines adventure, exploration, confrontations, interactions with NPCs and cooperations in several regions of the map. The player will be able to choose his favorite Marvel hero, customize him and develop his skills through combat and exploration of this vast world.

An open-world RPG on mobile

Developed by Netmarble, MARVEL Future Revolution is an action RPG immersing the player in a trans-dimensional open world. This title available on iOS and Android recreates an Earth merging several dimensions. No version is offered so far on Windows, but some players were able to install it on PC through an emulator. During your quest, you will have the opportunity to control the powers of your Marvel hero during battles against villains and Bosses. Earn victories to develop your character's abilities and collect costume options to customize his appearance.

Available for download only on Google Play and the Apple App Store, MARVEL Future Revolution features 5 game modes to enhance your adventure. You'll experience every facet of a superhero's daily life in Lightning Mode, Raid, Omega War, Dimensional Duel and Special Operation. You'll be able to rescue civilians, train in battles with other heroes, or team up with them to challenge the Bosses. The game also allows you to build your team to compete in battles and try to become the best superhero in the game.

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