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Chegg Study is a platform that offers digital and physical textbook rental, online tutoring and other student services. Chegg has a reputation for being a platform where you can buy textbooks at discounted prices, it is a much more affordable option than bookstores.

A smarter way to study

Chegg Study presents itself as a huge source for students looking for cheap books. To buy a book on Chegg Study, search thousands of titles, authors, and topics to find the book you need at a fraction of the cost. The application has a wide selection of books required by many university courses. According to the main site, users of the application "can save up to 90% off the original list price. For many titles, you can also save by purchasing the e-book version. While e-books can be much more affordable than physical books, your e-book rental will expire after a period of time.

Chegg Study also offers the possibility to rent books at low cost. Most of the textbooks offered on the site are also available for rent. This is an option especially for students since textbook rental is an economical solution. It saves them money and allows them to return the books at the end of the semester. There is an option to use the application free of charge. The free trial of Chegg Study lasts four weeks. It starts once you place an order for a physical or rental Chegg textbook.

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