When it comes to home security, you will discover several types of applications, all of them interesting. In this article we will focus on Septekon application. But how to download it? What are its main features? Discover everything about Septekon.

Septekon: the main features

Created by AJCLOUD INTERNATIONAL INC, Septekon is an application dedicated to home security. Septekon has earned its great reputation thanks to its basic, easy-to-use and highly efficient ergonomics. Operating from IP cameras, Septekon offers you the opportunity to stay connected to your home from your smartphone at any time, wherever you are.

You can then take care of your family's security, record your pets or check for any suspicious appropriation in your home with the IP camera. With Septekon, you will have the opportunity to view your home 24/7. If the system detects any abnormal activity in your home, it will immediately send you alarm notifications and you can watch the video stored automatically by the system. Septekon's main features are

  • A real-time view of what is happening in your home, from your smartphone
  • A two-way audio system
  • Automatic detection of suspicious activity
  • The ability to review the video recording
  • Zoom, tilt, panorama function from your smartphone
  • High definition images day and night
  • Complete management of your camera.

To download Septekon, you have two ways: either on Google Play Store for Android devices, and either on Apple App Store for iOS devices. For Windows PC users, you will need a third-party software called an emulator to use Septekon.

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