SEMS Portal

Sems portal is the application of the brand "Sems" dedicated to the remote control of materials and equipments it offers. Download Sems portal is recommended to manage the energy consumption of your house efficiently.

Control the energy aspects of a house

The application works only for solar systems produced by the brand. It allows you to check if appliances are connected at home and to switch them off from your smartphone. It also helps occupants to activate their heating and air conditioning remotely so that they can enjoy a pleasant temperature in their home when they arrive.

With its consumption monitoring tool, it helps optimize consumption to save energy. The software records the data so that users can have an overview of its lifestyle and regulate it in good conditions. The alarm is also available for those who need reminders. Thanks to Sems portal, households can opt for an ecoresponsible consumption. They limit their expenses in the long term.

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