NatureID is a new application following an innovative concept which is the recognition of plants. Developed by AIBY Inc, this plant identifier allows you to have all the necessary information for the maintenance of each species. NatureID is available for free on mobile.

Features of NatureID

Thanks to the smartphone camera, it is now possible to identify directly which kind of plant it is with an accuracy of 95%. Photographing a leaf, a tree or a flower helps to get more information. With its clear and easy to use interface, the search for plants can be done without using the camera, but just by entering the name. The person can even upload a picture of the plant he wants to know.

Identifying a plant not only provides information about it, but also gives the user recommendations for its care and maintenance. Thanks to the tool present in the application, you can also know the diseases that can affect each species. Simply take a picture of the symptoms to get complete information about the pathology and help with the necessary treatments. Another feature also allows a reminder of care. As a result, the user is notified every time the plant needs to be maintained (watering, spraying and others).

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