SimCity BuildIt

Have you always had a desire for greatness? With SimCity BuildIt, give life to your vision of the perfect city and make your wildest dreams come true! This application (available on Android, iPhones, tablets, Windows PC and Mac) is a complete simulation and strategy game: take the reins of your city and help it grow and flourish. Face the other mayors and monsters who will try to slow you down. Form alliances, unlock new regions, explore all the possibilities.

From the first houses to the ultimate capital

Welcome to YOUR city! Adopt the mayor's hat, contribute to the construction and development of your young metropolis. Let your imagination run free to organize your neighborhoods and decorate your avenues. Create a transportation network, build parks, bridges, lakes! Extend your borders to regions with varied landscapes, from frozen fjords to cactus canyons. Develop the electrical network, establish a police force, build hospitals and universities! Your goal: to ensure the happiness of your citizens. But beware! Danger lurks around your city. Defend your city against monsters and other mayors. Make allies by joining mayors' clubs: prepare for war to ensure peace!

Easy to download, SimCity BuildIt is a free game (including built-in shopping) with great graphics and easy to play. It offers a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to build a unique city in your own image.

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