Kinedu is an application of Kinedu. It can be used on devices running Android and iOS operating system. You can also download and install the solution on a Windows PC to take full advantage of all the features described below.

Kinedu features

The Kinedu application was created with the aim of giving childcare advice to parents who take care of babies aged 0 to 6 years old. Indeed, Kinedu offers a personalized development plan based on the age and developmental needs of babies.

With this in mind, Kinedu provides access to tailor-made plans with recommendations for activities adapted to the developmental stage of your children. These tips are provided by experts who regularly provide tips to improve baby's sleep, how to breastfeed and information about food. To answer specific topics, you can even use an AI-powered tool called Ana.

Kinedu also offers thousands of games that promote your baby's development. These activities are based on scientific research and aim to stimulate different aspects of development, such as motor skills, cognition, language and socialization. Guided play sessions are also part of the means available to parents to interact with their baby in a fun and stimulating way.

Every day, you can use the app to track your baby's developmental milestones, such as motor skills, cognitive skills, language and socialization. You can also mark the steps taken and consult graphs to see its progress.

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