Fluke Connect

Keep your maintenance teams informed, provide greater operational flexibility and eliminate costly delays. Fluke Connect is designed for maintenance workers on the go, allowing you to view critical data on the mobile platform of your choice. When integrated with your EAM or CMMS software, Fluke Connect or Mobile allows technicians working on a mobile device to..:

  • View, edit and complete assigned work orders
  • Create new work orders directly in the connected EAM / CMMS if required
  • Complete inspections and close work orders
  • Record working hours with real-time tracking or once the job is completed
  • Retrieve historical maintenance data on assets
  • Assigning spare parts to work orders
  • Stay productive while performing work order functions offline and synchronize when reconnected to the network

Connected reliability enhances your maintenance efforts. It means breaking down barriers in industrial data and providing mobile teams with the information they need to do their jobs.

Fluke Connect is a valuable application for troubleshooting problematic equipment, maximizing asset uptime, increasing overall equipment reliability, and building a successful maintenance program. It is available as a Windows version for PCs. What are you waiting for to download your application on fluke.com!

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