Omnivox Mobile is a higher education application that makes it easier for students to carry out administrative formalities and monitor their academic progress. Omnivox Mobile connects to the Omnivox services of your college or university to offer you instant access to many services.

What are the facilities offered by the Omnivox application?

Omnivox is an online services platform that allows you to carry out a series of important administrative operations useful for a successful university career. The app of the same name allows users to take advantage of all the features available on the original platform from a computer, phone or tablet. It offers you access to a wide range of features including:

  • The creation of an Omnivox student account;
  • The creation of a personal file (change of address, social insurance number, etc.);
  • Assistance with the choice of courses and the online booking of course places;
  • The provision of a tuition fee payment center;
  • Consultation of course schedules and their modification at will;
  • Consultation and printing of transcripts, consultation of your educational path;
  • The provision of a communication channel with the administration and the pedagogical secretariat ...

Omnivox is also the preferred communication channel between the teacher and his students through: sending and receiving assignments, exercises and reinforcement documents. The app is available on Google and Play Store and compatible with both iOS and Android.

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