Bang & Olufsen

Published by Bang & Olufsen a/s, Bang & Olufsen is a utility that allows you to turn your smartphone into a control center. In other words, you can control the various products of this brand connected to your Bang & Olufsen account. Easy to download, the app is available for Android and iOS, but not for Windows PC.

Bang & Olufsen, a better control of your accessories

This tool has the unique ability to turn your imagination into reality. You can visually bring your favorite products to life from your personal space. Bang & Olufsen allows you to explore and customize Bang & Olufsen products to fit your needs and space. This makes it easier to set up and control your multi-room products and systems, as well as customize your sound experience. The app is also popular for the many features it offers.

For example, you can browse the utility to see the available colors, speaker fronts, and turn on products to see the magic that emerges. If you have multiple products, you can control them all from the tool for a sound experience in every room or to create a home theater-like setup. Through the app, you can also save your images and share them with friends and family. You can even buy products from Bang & Olufsen or book a test at your nearest store. You can also configure it to match the room's decor.

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