iCSee Pro

iCSee Pro is an excellent video surveillance application that allows you to control and monitor the video recordings of your CCTV and IP cameras. The application backs up all recorded videos on an external storage device.

iCSee Pro, monitoring your home at your fingertips

This video surveillance software can work with front-end devices such as robots, or smart devices such as alarms. You can access your various devices via the cloud, where you can preview and control live video from your device.

So you can easily watch recorded video offline. However, you need a secure Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G network to use it. With iCSee Pro, you'll never have to worry about the security of your property or missing out on important moments in your personal or professional life. Among the many features of the app, many users tend to like the ability to live stream camera videos from their device.

However, other features are also very interesting. These include support for video screenshots, alarm notification sent via email, support for audio output, motion detection and alarm, support for the cloud and external storage devices, etc.

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