iRobot HOME

iRobot HOME is the application that allows you to control devices of the same brand to ensure the cleaning of your premises. The application gives you more control than ever over the cleaning of your floors, every day, at the touch of a button.

An application for a successful cleaning mission

iRobot HOME is the application to control iRobot's products, including vacuum cleaners. The iRobot HOME application is compatible with all Roomba vacuum cleaner models connected to Wi-Fi and Braava models. Once you're connected to these devices via the app, you'll be able to :

  • Receive notifications and updates in real time ;
  • Access instructions for configuring the cleaning equipment;
  • Start, suspend or cancel cleaning jobs from anywhere;
  • Set cleaning schedules, customize cleaning preferences, monitor cleaning activity;
  • Get a battery level indicator that shows the status of your robot's battery;
  • Zoom and pan reports to see where your robot has been cleaned (900 series, i, s and m only);
  • View and customize your Imprint smart card;
  • Easily change the spoken language of your vacuum cleaner robot.

After the latest application updates, iRobot HOME new features include smart cleaning maps, push notifications and a process chart. Intelligent mapping allows you to clean or schedule the cleaning of specific rooms or your entire home. The iRobot HOME application is compatible with Apple devices running iOS8 or later, Android devices running Android 5.0 or later.

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