Plato, developed by Plato Team, is an application that allows you to play different mini-games from Android or OS. It allows you to meet new people while playing with them, in a fun and friendly way.

Plato, only playable in online mode, has multiple features: this game allows you to access all the mythical arcade games in excellent graphic conditions. While immersing yourself in one of your favorite arcade games, socialize with a large number of people of the same level as you on the game in question, and increase your experience with this application to the maximum. As previously mentioned, Plato has a huge list of games: like Pool, UNO, Darts, Soccer, Archery, and many more. Every win will give you experience so you can always compete against people of your own level.

In short, Plato allows you to spend your free time having fun with your favorite arcade game, but also fulfills a social mission by playing against people of your own skill level. Plato is a great way to have fun, either when you're physically alone or when you're with friends at a party. You can download Plato directly from the Play Store and the App Store. A Windows version does not yet exist, making it unfortunately not available on PC.

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