Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends takes players into a magical world where legendary dragons battle with fantastical animals. The objective of this game is to create a remote island of your own, populate it and care for the dragons to protect the people. It is so much fun to raise and train these dragons as well as collect more extra gold and special bous.

Dragon Mania Legends: New adventures to enjoy!

What could be more fun than raising adorable dragons, from hatching eggs to training them to have the skills and abilities to face opponents? Dragon Mania Legends immerses players in endless adventures. Players will surely enjoy playing the role of dragon trainers to prepare them for merciless battles. It's a real pleasure to build a dozen buildings and create impressive decorations after acquiring additional gold. The dragons coming out of the academy have enough power to fight enemies during the adventure. It is possible to send them on missions and explore the map.

To spice up the scenario, this online downloadable app also promises seasonal events and many other surprises. Unique item purchases can be made during the game to advance quickly. With high quality graphics and a fantastic storyline, this game published by Gameloft will fascinate everyone. Dragon Mania Legends can be played with a mobile device running Android or iOS and with a PC running Windows by installing an emulator.

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