Flow Free

Flow Free is a puzzle game. Easy to access, the application's graphics are simple but formidable: colored dots are randomly placed on a game board. The objective is to reform the pairs of colors by navigating on the grid.

Flow Free: a simply formidable puzzle game

To start the game, you must drag the first colored point on the grid to the second identical one. A light stream, or pipe, traces the chosen route from point A to point B. The route quickly turns into a puzzle: the pipes break if they overlap or cross each other. Concentration, reflection and patience will allow you to get through the grid. There will be more than 600 levels to explore!

The application has two game options. The classic and the timer allow you to vary the pleasures. With the countdown, from 30 seconds to 4 minutes, a little stress is guaranteed. As a bonus, Flow Free offers the download of the 3 puzzles of the day from level 1 to 3. Each week, a new challenge is available. And for a personalized screen, it is possible to activate free or paid options. Flow Free is available for free on Android and iOS but not yet on Windows PC. Flow Free is a registered trademark of Big Duck Games LLC. Purchases are offered via the application. It contains ads. Connection to Google Play is possible.

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