Google Speech to Text

Developed by Google LLC, Google Speech to Text is an application that brings the magic of text-to-speech technology to your device.

Google Speech to Text, give your voice some cachet!

Google Speech to Text allows users to transcribe their content with precise captions. This allows them to automatically convert speech into text. You can even customize speech recognition to allow transcription of domain-specific terms and uncommon words with hints. The application can also transcribe numbers, etc. You have the option to choose from a list of trained templates. It can be operated by many third-party solutions. These include Google Maps, where you can use your voice to search for places, and the Recorder App, where you can transcribe your recordings.

Google Speech to Text uses a machine learning system trained to recognize specific audio files that come from a specific source, which improves transcription results. It can process audio that comes directly from your microphone or from a pre-recorded audio file, and provide real-time transcription results. It supports more than 90 languages, so it can satisfy a wide range of users. It is also a sensitive program that can even pick up your voice if you are across the room.

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