ZDF is a multimedia library which offers you television programs from the German channel of the same name and accessible 24 hours a day. With the media library, you can get live TV programs and ZDF TV on your smartphone or tablet.

ZDFmediathek, ZDF's video on demand service

Thanks to the ZDFmediathek app, you can access the entire program of the second German TV easily via the iOS and Android app. Most of the programs that have already been broadcast in the past few months are accessible in their entirety. In addition to live broadcasts, the media library also offers archived ZDF broadcasts via video stream on request. In some cases, shipments are initially made available exclusively online.

Whether you want to watch TV series and movies already broadcast at a later date or watch the game of your favorite club live on your tablet: the media library is at your disposal and transfers a diversified and rich program to your mobile device. And in case the programs aren't available immediately, you can put them on your personal watch list to watch them later. As a registered user, you can access this personal data from any device on which you have installed the ZDFmediathek app. Under the "Search" feature of your ZDF account, you will find a list of videos that you haven't finished watching. You can access this list on all devices. So you can start watching on the go on your smartphone and continue watching on your PC or Smart TV at home.

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