Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a free downloadable parental control application developed by Google that allows parents to set rules for their children or teenagers on how they use digital technologies. It is available for Android and iOS mobile phones, as well as for Windows PCs with a suitable emulator.

Google Family Link, for appropriate digital use by children

With Google Family Link, you can easily monitor your child's use of the device, while giving them the necessary and sufficient freedom to develop their knowledge, curiosity and independence. The uses of Family Link can be broken down into two functions: control of the applications installed and audit of their use. For example, you can hide software or block any downloads your child might make from the Google Play Store. But you can't block simple updates.

You can set the maximum amount of time your child can use the device and the bedtime by blocking use of the device. It is also possible to lock it remotely. Daily, weekly and monthly activity reports are available for auditing the device's use, so you can see which applications your child likes and how much time they spend on each. Finally, you can find out where your child is by remotely locating the device as long as it is turned on and connected to the Internet.

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