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Crypto-currency has become so viral that some sites engage in all kinds of scams. All of this is to say that there are reliable sites and apps, and there are some that can fatally lead to bankruptcy. As part of the faucet generation, Cointyply has allowed many Bitcoin enthusiasts to earn money, play games and increase their digital currency income quickly.

Cointyply, more than an application!

Available on Play Store and compatible with Android and Windows, Cointyply is the result of the collaboration of some London-based crypto-currency experts. The main purpose of the app is to increase your portfolio according to your investments. You just need to download it on your smartphone or pc to be able to access all the features. You can then earn real Bitcoin by redeeming promo codes, watching videos or simply collecting coins. But the best part is that you have the opportunity to chat with other members and earn bonuses. You can then withdraw your winnings in BTC or Dollar.

Joining is very simple, as you just need to create an account and validate it. You will then have a whole range of offers that allow you to earn Bitcoins. Take part in free surveys, test games, trade, and you will only come out a winner. With its millions of members, Cointyply is one of the safest and most serious applications when it comes to crypto-currency.

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