Bandcamp is an online music application aimed primarily at independent artists and music composers. It gives you instant and unlimited streaming access to your purchases on the Bandcamp platform and allows you to explore a vast catalogue of music from artists from all over the world.

Why and how to use the Bandcamp application?

Bandcamp is a free iOS and Android compatible mobile application that allows users to access their collection of purchased albums directly on their smartphone. It allows you to find on your mobile more than 1.1 million albums available (the equivalent of 8.4 million songs) on the Bandcamp platform, an American online music company founded in 2008. You will be able to buy and pre-order your albums directly via the application.

The site is also a vast search engine for music from all over the world. Using advanced fan and tag integration, the site allows you to search by genre, country, recommendations from friends, record labels and other specific criteria for the music you can imagine. So, as soon as you find what you're looking for, you can stream songs for free or buy a download in a wide range of formats, from the latest options to simple MP3s. Through the application, creators have the ability to sell their music directly to fans with control and according to their price. They also have easy access to your customer data, real-time statistics, music reports, etc.

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