The Shopify application is the creation of Shopify Inc. The software finds its place in the framework of an e-commerce activity. It has been developed to handle most of the sales operations. Shopify is only available for mobile devices that run on Android and iOS. Windows PC users will have to download and install an emulator before they can use Shopify's features.

What can Shopify do?

The Shopify application performs several tasks for e-commerce site owners. It allows you to administer orders and products that customers have recently selected on your sales page. You can also use the software to track the progress of sales (by day, week or month) or preserve the relationship with your customers. For example, your customers will be able to give their opinion through comments. You will then be able to interact with the notes written by the users. As for order processing, Shopify is programmed to help sellers print shipping slips. It is still possible through the order menu to contact customers directly and see conversion data.

As part of the product management, you can set up automatic updates to your collections. With Shopify, users can still synchronize their store with their social networks. For example, it is compatible with social networks such as Instagram. To convert leads, Shopify still helps you with advertising campaigns. It can also create and edit online coupon codes.

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