SJCAM Zone is an application developed by SJCAM LLC. This company is very popular in the high performance camera market. It produces several types of cameras, such as the SJ5000 model, the SJDASH series and the SJ360 series. To take full advantage of the quality of these cameras, you can download SJCAM Zone.

The main features of SJCAM Zone

SJCAM Zone is a built-in application for cameras that can connect to WIFI. By downloading it, you can benefit from several advantages. It allows you to easily control camera movements. You will get an overview of what they are filming and you can take several pictures remotely. Apart from this function, you can also adjust your camera settings with SJCAM Zone.

With this application, you can also make photo and video montages. SJCAM Zone allows you to edit multiple photos. It allows you to crop videos, choose various filters, or add music to your montage. It is also possible to share your photos and videos to your friends and family on the SJCAM community with this software. So you can comment, exchange experiences from your photos and videos, or collect other images for your art collections.

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