Kanix Play

Kanix Play is an application for Android devices. It is classified in the category of applications for social networks. Since its appearance in 2009, there are 5 versions provided, the last update of which was in January 2021. Find out the basics you need to know about Kanix Play in order to use it better.

Key features and functionality

Kanix Play is suitable for use on an Android operating system smartphone. It is an online cataloger of videos on the internet. Kanix Play consists of a synthesis of search engines that have captured videos whose source turns out to be third party websites, free of rights.

The videos in the Kanix Play catalogue are used in accordance with the clauses and terms of Fair Use, as well as Digital Millennium CopyrigtsAct (DCMA), hence the trademarks and copyrights always dedicated to the owners. Given the legal nature of the application, it does not infringe any copyright, as it is a search engine like on a PC with a Windows system. In this case, the owners of the videos have the right to use this tool and access the channel to request the removal of their property.

To download Kanix Play, simply go to the Google Play Store. At this time, Kanix Play is not compatible with other iOS or Windows systems. It is preferable that its use be supervised for minors.

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