The Arlo application is designed to easily manage all your cameras. It brings together a range of features that are almost indispensable for remote control. It allows you to enable or disable motion and sound detection, create a schedule, or create a custom mode.

Arlo: An Application with a Security Focus

Arlo is the world leader in home security and the creator of the world's first fully wireless, weatherproof HD security camera. The Arlo application lets you use your cameras to keep an eye on everything you value. With this free app, it's easy to observe your home, garden or business with just a few clicks. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, the application allows you to view everything that's happening in your neighborhood in real time. In particular, the application allows you to :

  • Use a "Live" button to view live video streams from your cameras;
  • Detect surrounding noise and movements such as animal movements, the comings and goings of vehicles in a garage, the meowing of a cat;
  • Customize your notifications to issue only certain alerts;
  • Manage your system at a glance and configure the status of motion and sound detection functions for each camera.

Cameras controlled by the Arlo application can record everything that happens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can then consolidate your daily recordings in the cloud via a list view. The application is primarily available on mobile devices and is not currently available on Windows PCs.

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