Helakuru is a Sri Lankan app released in 2015, which is developed by Bhasha Lanka Ltd. It is a numeric keyboard with Sinhala character. Currently, the manufacturer is still improving it and incorporating various features for Sri Lankans.

The main functions of Helakuru

Helakuru's keyboard can predict the words you want to write. It works through two taps on the letters, without the user having to write the entire word. Thus, it makes typing easy and fast. If it is not yet supported by the word prediction, it will be automatically saved in the database. Helakuru's keyboard is also bilingual: Sinhala and English. It is also customizable, as it has four different themes: Material Dark, Holo Dark, Material Light, and Holo Light. The keyboard can also be used on different platforms like Facebook, twitter, and WhatsApp. Apart from the typing feature, you can install a Sinhala photo editor in your phone or tablet via Helakuru.

This app has a Sinhala English dictionary. It also has an option that allows you to take notes. It has a feature that allows you to receive news via notifications. It offers an astrology service, if you want to know your daily horoscope. It also displays several ads that could be useful to you. If you like lotteries, Helakuru offers predictions for this game. If you are interested in Helakuru, you can download and install it on your devices with iOS and Android systems. Unfortunately, it cannot be used on your Windows PC.

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