Insite Gold

Insite Gold app is designed by Paradox Security System Ltd. The software is available on Android and iOS operating system. The tool is not available on Windows PC unless you download and install an emulator first. It is a solution whose main purpose is to manage security equipment.

What are the features of Insite Gold?

Insite Gold must be connected to the Paradox Security servers called Swan. Thanks to the application, you have the possibility to secure a house. It can send in real time a video of each connected room. Here, the presence of a surveillance camera with sensor will prove to be a necessity. And depending on the model, a security switch may be visible on the equipment. It is anti-sabotage. It is accessible after removing the cover.

In case of intrusion, it will emit an alarm. The program allows to activate and disarm the alarm system. A notification is broadcasted at each change of state. This way, you avoid forgetting to arm the device even in several places in the home. Insite Gold also helps to manage home automation elements. In particular, we should mention its ability to automatically open gates. The smartphone will serve as a remote control once on the interface. You can also manage internal and external lighting.

To make the tool operational, you go to menu and create a site there. You link with the wifi. You must also fill in an email address. The email address will be used to send messages in case of failure. You then launch the configuration of the camera. The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable through the screen. A subscription is required to enjoy the program.

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