BOOYAH! is a streaming tool designed for gamers to allow greater interaction with the community. This utility is an innovative way to share gameplay.


BOYAHH! is a smartphone-based gameplay sharing tool. Simply capture a short video during the game, upload it to Garena's livestreaming platform and share it with your friends and community. The videos created can be streamed live on popular streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming or Twitch. Videos shared by other connected players from around the world can also be viewed live and chatted with.

From these streamed videos, BOOYAH! will automatically select and generate the best footage so that the streamer, or other users, can relive those intense moments with the swipe of a finger. And the best part is that all these interactions don't slow down the game at all, as the application is so light.

Created and developed by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED for Android, Iphone, Ipad, and Mac mobile devices, this great tool is totally free, and without subscription. However, it is not compatible with PCs or other Windows-based devices, unless you have an emulator like LDPlayer. Before installing it from GooglePlay or App Store, on your device, always check that your system version is adequate and that you have enough memory.

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