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All smartphones and PCs come with a default email client. Although convenient, the quality does not always satisfy the user who is fond of features and optimization.
The TypeApp application (developed by TypeApp LLC), was created to adapt to any type of account (gmail, outlook, yahoo etc.) and to any platform.

Cross-platform for productivity

This application can be downloaded from the usual store (for smartphones) or the official website (for computers). The configuration is very simple with the possibility to customize three parameters quickly (synchronization mode, sound and notification content). Regarding the design, TypeApp is pure and productivity oriented. The dark mode is accessible in one click, and the export functionality is extremely well thought out. It is therefore possible to forward a mail or to export it to post it on a messaging group for example.

It is of course possible to play on many standard parameters (appearance, menus) or advanced (signatures, default inbox for example). A help and comments section will suit less experienced users, as well as those who wish to provide feedback. As for the security of the data, the editor indicates that they are encrypted, reassuring in a world where this subject is very sensitive. A free application, TypeApp is a messaging client that distinguishes itself by its sobriety and attention to detail, all at the service of the user.

You want to download Email TypeApp on Windows 10 ? Good news !

TypeApp Inc has already been published Email TypeApp on Windows 10. Click the button above to download.

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