Worms Zone .io

Enter the arena to help your worm become champion. Grow your companion and set traps for your opponents to reach the top of the leaderboard!

Choose your strategy and surround your enemies

The free game Worms Zone.io offers you to play as an earthworm who has only one objective: to grow again and again to get rid of his opponents. You will have to encircle the other worms to make them lose the game and get their rewards. However, you must be careful not to hit them in the arena to avoid the fateful " game over ". Are you more of a builder, a fighter or a rogue? It's up to you to choose your strategy to get rid of your enemies. You'll find a multitude of bonuses along the way to boost your stats and get through all the levels.

You can also use the game's "wardrobe" to change the appearance of your worm. Worms Zone.io also allows you to create your own designs, according to your desires.Azur Games ' app is available for download from the Apple Store or Google Play (iOS 12.0/Android 5.1 or later required). The game is not available on Windows PC at this time.

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