c:geo is a free geocaching application that allows you to download caches to your phone and use it without the need for a network connection or to maximize your download limit. It is a geocaching client application that is not associated with any specific geocaching service provider.

Join the world's largest treasure hunting community

c:geo is an application that allows you to search for a geocache based on coordinates, address, geocache code, keyword or username. This application will be your geocaching toolbox to find the many hidden treasures in the universe. In doing so, it will help you to :

  • Use multiple geocaching platforms at the same time;
  • Display caches on an automatically updated live map;
  • Choose between Google Maps and OpenStreetMap ;
  • Save cache information to your device for offline viewing;
  • Create and manage additional waypoints on caches;
  • Update geocaches around you in "real time" as you move around;
  • Get full support for "traceable" objects (objects tracked by their identification number on geocaching.com) .

Once you have installed c:geo, click the menu button and click Settings. Here you will find all the important settings. Under Services, click on Geocaching.com and enter your username and password. Check your connection and you are ready to cache.

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c:geo team doesn't seem to want to develop this application on PC... but that's no reason to give up! Would you like to be able to download and install C:geo on Windows 10? Vote for this application on WishApplist and contact the editor to ask him when it will be developed! The more we are to ask for it, the more chances we have to see it on PC! You can also create an account in order to be alerted when this application will be available !

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