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Web and mobile applications have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. BOM Weather is one such application created by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. BOM (Bureau Of Meteorology) Weather is a mobile application created by the BOM agency in order to allow the different states of the Australian federation to have access in real time to all information related to the weather. However, it is important to discover its different features and its real purpose.

How does BOM Weather work and what is its real purpose?

You live in Australia, you like to access information in time; BOM Weather is for you. It delivers the most reliable information to your Android or iPhone smartphone. In fact, as powerful as it is, it is equipped with several features that we will try to explain to you. Indeed, BOM Weather runs through the following digital functions: daily and current conditions, forecasts, radar, location, warnings and others. However, these primary functions include sub-functions that can make it easier for you to use.

For the daily conditions, you can access information related to temperature, precipitation range, humidity, air flow, UV index, and best of all, you will have a description of the current weather. The forecasts, on the other hand, indicate future weather conditions, namely: hourly forecasts for seventy-two (72) hours, those for seven days, and marine forecasts. In addition, if you find yourself in dangerous weather conditions, you will receive a warning from the software. And that's not all! The location function allows you to find any place in Australia; in short, you will only need to download this software to benefit from these beneficial features for humans in general.

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