Prosegur SMART

Listed in the lifestyleapplication category, Prosegur SMART is an ally for your various daily activities. Indeed, it offers a wide range of features to its user.

Presentation of Prosegur SMART

Developed by the multinational private security company Prosegur, the Prosegur SMART application is designed in the same spirit. It is a security system offering its user a remote control of his device. Once installed, the use is simplified with an ergonomic and intuitive interface.

Prosegur SMART is compatible on your mobile devices but not yet on Windows PCs. Once installed on your phone, it offers many possibilities. Among other things, it provides detailed access to your system's activity and alarm history. Also, you can establish a contact plan. The latter will be called automatically in case of intrusion.

Of course, the application can take over FACEID and fingerprint recognition. In addition, you can obtain images of your home or business with Prosegur SMART. Depending on the device on which you have installed the application, you can also access the cloud. For example, you can watch live video from a surveillance camera or watch other recordings offline.

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