POC Bible (Malayalam)

With the main goal of making the Bible written in Malayalam language known to the public, the POC Bible (Malayalam) application is designed and developed by Jesus Youth. It allows not only to consult the Catholic Bible, but also to be informed about current events in Catholicism.

Features of POC Bible (Malayalam)

The POC Bible (Malayalam) application is free and runs on mobiles with either the Android or iOS system. Therefore, to download it, you have to go to Google Play or the Apple Store. For it to work on pc's with Windows or iOS system, it is necessary to download and install beforehand an Android emulator.

On POC Bible (Malayalam), the bible is written in Malayalam font and respects well the standard of presentation of other popular Bibles. This bible is implemented by the Pastoral Orientation Center (POC) of the Kerala Catholic Bible Society (KCBS) in India. Through POC Bible's daily notification, the user reads a passage from the bible while learning about what is going on in the Catholic Church in general.

Thus, for all those who have this application, the day begins with Catholic prayers followed by the reading of a passage of the Bible in Malayalam. The passage that has been read allows one to remember God, to thank Him for all His blessings, to give Him glory and to worship Him in order to receive His blessings.

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