Swisscom Home App

Controlling everything from your smartphone is well within reach with the Swisscom Home app. The app brings together smart assistants from Swisscom Smart Switch and various other providers including Sono, Philips, iRobot and new ones that the developer is constantly adding.

Swisscom Home App: Overview

Swisscom Home App is a creation of Swisscom, a 150+ year old Swiss telecom company. This application allows its users to take in hand only one device to control several others remotely. With it, you can control your home network, the Internet-Box and all your smart-home components. Since the app is free, you can download it on your iOS and Android devices and enjoy all its features. You can also take advantage of the automatic assistance program provided by Swisscom for Windows and Mac to download it to your PC.

Managing your passwords is crucial these days if you don't want to have important data or money stolen by criminals on the lookout. Swiss Home App allows you to do this via your local WLAN network, which you can also grant access to your friends and family. The smart life made possible by your app is yours. Vacuuming without being at home, switching on and extending connected devices, activating parental control and a plethora of other possibilities for your home management are offered by its use. Thanks to your Swisscom Home app, you can go on holiday with peace of mind. All you have to do is configure Smart home to switch your light bulbs and other household appliances on and off at set times.

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