School Days

School Days is an action and adventure game developed by MDickie. It's a simulation game in which the prison (in the Hard time game) has been replaced by a high school, a popular place where you also have to survive.

School Days: a high school simulation game

The goal of this game is to pass your school year to get a diploma, while trying not to get expelled from school. You must also avoid being bullied or seriously injured. In this game, you have to create a character, a student who will have to go to class, take notes to answer questions, explore a city... Your classmates will do anything to prevent you from passing your exams, so it will be necessary to fight them. You can hit other students with interactive props such as a chair, fire extinguisher, or other visible object in the scene. And unlike "Hard Time", it is possible to enter stores and buy items at a certain price. Each shop has something different to sell. In this game, it is also possible to beat or bribe a teacher to achieve your goals.

In order to survive psychologically, the character will have to take care and do activities such as reading a book, eating, playing a musical instrument, practicing sports, etc. The fighting techniques in School Days are similar to those in other games created by MDickie. The flow of the game is similar to that of Hard Time, however, in School Days, money plays an important role in the game. In addition, the classic one-handed controls remain accessible and have even been optimized.

The School Days application can be downloaded for free to a device running Android, or iOS. It is also possible to download it to a PC running Windows.

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