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Today, there are a multitude of applications that revolve around the Bible. Among these is Bible Hub, which, as its name indicates, brings together different uses referring to the Bible.

An invaluable aid to a better knowledge of the Bible

Bible Hub is an application developed by BibleHub. You can download it from the Play Store or the Apple Store so that you can install it on a phone running Android, iOS or even on your PC working under Windows thanks to an emulator. This application is interesting for those who wish to research or deepen their knowledge of the Bible. Indeed, it allows you to quickly access an online bible where all the books of the Holy Scripture are classified by theme. There are, for example, "letters", "prophets", "poems", "laws", etc. With this application to download and install on your Windows PC, you can also prepare your sermons more easily. Indeed, the designers already offer a long list of Bible verses that you can use perfectly.

This Bible Hub also provides you with a Chinese parallel Bible, a Portuguese Bible and a Bible in a multitude of languages. It is also sufficient to download it to be able to carry out various searches directly on your Smartphone, your tablet or your pc running under Windows. For example, you can enter a combination of chapter, verse, book, abbreviation, keyword, etc. For those who are doing Bible studies, simply click on the "Studies" tab. They will see topics, sermons, line spacing, commentaries, or Hebrew or Greek translations of a biblical passage appear on their screen.

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