Ring doorbell

Ring, the American company specializing in connected security accessories launches its "Ring doorbell" app for Android and iOS; a smart interface allowing remote access and control of its Ring connected video doorbell via smartphones and tablets.

Ring doorbell to keep an eye on your home from anywhere

The Ring connected doorbell and its dedicated "Ring doorbell" app were designed to transform your front door into a connected experience capable of providing real-time multimedia information or smartphone notifications and two-way communication. Like a traditional doorbell, the Ring video doorbell features a call button and a night vision camera on the front. It is also equipped with configurable motion sensors to scan the area to be monitored and to send an alert in the form of a notification as soon as suspicious activity is recorded in the area concerned.

The dedicated program is now available for free download and installation on Android and iOS but is not yet available on Mac and Windows for pc. The mobile app allows you to receive instant alerts when people trigger motion detectors or press your doorbell button. You then have the ability to see, respond to the alert and speak to the person on your property through your mobile phone. In addition, with Ring, you have the option to save the video footage to your cloud if you subscribe to a Ring Protect package.

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