is an application that allows users to post anonymous comments and questions about a person's profile. You can register by creating an account via or by logging in using a Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter account.

A platform to ask and answer questions is a platform that provides users with questions from other identified or anonymous users. Each social network subscriber must have an account. After creating it, users have the possibility to fill in more personal information and photos of the user. Once the link is shared on the Internet, the profile is public and anyone can ask anonymous comments or questions. Users can also search for people they already know and enter usernames and emails to find friends. You can report a post or profile. Each profile has a "report" button at the top, as well as each question and answer post. You can prevent someone from asking you a question even if you don't know who they are. There is a "block" button on the right side of each question.

On, 11,000 questions per minute are asked by users of the site. You can ask questions anonymously or openly to anyone registered on the application. The home page is full of questions and comments. A user can choose to ask the question anonymously or allow their profile information to be displayed when they disable the "ask anonymously" feature.

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