RXCamView is an application that allows you to monitor a given location when connected to one or more NVR, DVR and IPC type surveillance cameras. With this software, you can enhance your security system.

Introducing RXCamView

This application allows you to view live video taken by your cameras. Thus, you will be able to know what is happening at home. If you did not have time to view the latest videos, you can also watch them later, thanks to the recording mode or the history of this software. From this function, you can define the recording schedule and alarm notifications.

With this application, you will be alerted at any time if there is an intrusion in your home or business premises. It can detect movements and allows you to hear sounds thanks to the bidirectional audio option. With this same function, it is possible to manage certain parameters, such as the personalization of the detection area. If there is a break-in in your home at your workplace, it is possible to easily identify the thief(s) thanks to the high resolution of the camera.

To use RXCamView, you can download the application to different devices, such as a phone or tablet. This software can also be installed on your iPhone and iPad. It can run on both Mac and Windows PC operating systems using an emulator.

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