SchoolFox is a SaaS platform, connecting all stakeholders in the education system using mobile and web-based applications to improve communication and classroom organization. The application was born to help parents participate in school life and enable teachers to communicate across language barriers.

The best possible and close integration of students, parents and teachers

SchoolFox is the most advanced communication platform for schools. Its aim is to make daily school life easier and more transparent, and to integrate non-domestic families into the school life of their children. It creates a direct link to the students or their parents by allowing :

  • Sending important information or memories of the school day in the form of text or photo messages from your smartphone or computer to the whole class, individual groups or specific parents;
  • Responding to emergencies: Parents and teachers can jointly create a student profile containing important information and contact information in case of an emergency. This profile is also available to you without an Internet connection;
  • Organize moderated Discussion Groups for classes and staff;
  • Organize a video chat with up to 100 students or colleagues; Organize a video chat with up to 100 students or colleagues

The SchoolFox software has been designed and developed in close collaboration with teachers, head teachers and families. SchoolFox protects your data: communicate without sharing your private information. Only you can decide what information other users can see.

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