Google Meet

Published by Google, Google Meet is a free application that allows you to make video conferences. It has several features and enhanced security. It was developed to replace Google Hangouts.

About Google Meet

Having many features, the application allows to organize video conferences with high image quality, just like a large meeting with 250 participants in a secure way is feasible. The organization of simple meetings is easy to do since you just need to invite people who should participate by sending them a link. By clicking on it, they can join the discussion directly.

Existing functions can be used to improve participation in meetings, such as "Raise your hand" to inform the moderator that you wish to speak. A "poll" feature is also available, which allows you to send a notification to the meeting participants to have them vote. Another Q&A feature is also created to facilitate communication during the video conference. The app offers a voice recognition option that gives the user the opportunity to display subtitles to help understand the discussions during the meetings. Also, sharing documents and a lot of information is possible during the video conferencing session.

To download Google Meet, the user can do so via Play store for Android users and via App store for Apple branded device users. People who aspire to make video conferences on PC have the opportunity to exploit its web version through the browser.

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