You want to learn a new language while having fun? The Speeko application is for you! Accessible on a website via a Windows PC, but also via iOS and Android, Speeko is one of the best applications for learning a foreign language. Simple and short lessons, exercises and revision programs are the strong points of Speeko.

Speekoo: the application to learn a foreign language in a few hours

Created by Etienne Genvrin, Speekoo defines itself as a practical and original language learning utility with nearly 900,000 users worldwide. Using a simple and fun method, Speekoo offers an introduction to 10 foreign languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Arabic and Russian. With its ergonomic interface, Speeko is easy to use. Depending on the language chosen, each lesson, made up of short conversations, is classified by level and must be completed in full before starting the next level.

For a complete learning experience, these lessons can be written and oral to perfect pronunciation and oral comprehension. This learning technique allows students to progress more quickly. Depending on the learning pace, the user will have the chance to see culture maps that present information about the country where the language originates. Speekoo offers a free trial period of a few days. After this period, it is payable by choosing a subscription formula.

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