The iZettle application is a sales management tool that allows companies to track all their transactions on a single interface. From managing payment methods to tracking sales and building a customer base, iZettle transforms your mobile into a complete and intuitive mobile point of sale.

iZettle, a mobile point of sale for businesses

iZettle is an application that provides you with business tools such as mobile card readers and sales management tools allowing small businesses to compete with big players. iZettle is part of the PayPal family. With iZettle, users can :

  • Accelerate sales with an intuitive product library and manage cash, credit/debit and contactless payments (the iZettle reader allows users to manage Visa, MasterCard and contactless payments, including Apple Pay) ;
  • Personalize your receipts and print them, send them by SMS or email to your customers ;
  • Collect customer email addresses and build a database to maintain good relationships;
  • Collect sales data and create reports that are easy and useful to your business;
  • Create multiple staff accounts to track individual sales.

iZettle is a simple and easy to install and use application. It is compatible with all major credit cards on the market and contactless payments, including Apple Pay.

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