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The Scrabble app is a replica of the board game designed for both the passionate gamer and the novice. It allows you to have fun playing with anyone or play alone against the computer. In addition, the application is available in several languages.

Practice one of the best board games on PC or tablet
Scrabble is the official mobile game of the brand of the same name. The game takes place in multiplayer online mode with Facebook integration and a list of acceptable words. It puts several players in contention, who receive a set of seven tiles, and place tiles on the board to form words, trying to maximize the premium squares to defeat their opponents.
With the game Scrabble, you can practice alone against the computer or several to improve your skills. The app also offers you features to easily find opponents and challenge them online. Incidentally, children have the opportunity to play with their friends on Facebook or to have random meetings. The chat feature allows children to communicate with other players, which adds an extra social element to the game.
The Scrabble App is available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. You can download it for free from Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The game is also available under Windows license, regardless of the version.

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