Rogue Land

Published by Huuuge Games - Play Together, Rogue Land is an excellent 3D mobile game with a dynamic world map. In this game, you will progress through the levels fighting against more and more enemies.

Rogue Land, your 3D adventure game

Rogue Land is an adventure game in which the player progresses through each level by mowing down hordes of enemies. The application is therefore no slouch in terms of combat. Defeated enemies give experience, health points and gold. As you gain levels, you can choose one of three random bonuses to help you progress.

After completing a level, you will receive gold, unique tokens and other accessories. Gold is the game's currency, which you can also buy with real money. This currency is used to upgrade weapons and spin a wheel to acquire a random weapon. Unique tokens are also used as crafting components to upgrade existing characters and equipment or to acquire new ones. The various characters and weapons offer slightly different play styles, as they have varying abilities when upgraded.

The game is well designed and mechanically sound, though the movement feels somewhat floaty. The graphics are also well done. The enemies are relatively varied, and the level design introduces some fun locations. So expect to spend a lot of energy to get through a level!

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