Unmaze is an adventure and puzzle game published by ARTE Experience. It features an original gameplay system that requires the phone's light sensor and presents several labyrinths to explore.

About the game

The player plays as Ariadne, the goal is to help Theseus and Asterion to get out of the labyrinth knowing that it contains many secrets and unknown dangers to face. In addition, the gamer must accompany the two characters in turn because the more he helps one, the more likely the other will get lost. As for the game's playability, everything depends on the environment because to talk to Theseus, you have to place the phone in a bright place, and to talk to Asterion, you just have to move the mobile to a dark place.

Apart from its original gameplay, the game also has various features making the adventure more interesting. Indeed, the decisions and actions taken during the game will have consequences and can directly change the course of the story. Many chapters, up to five, can be played but also dozens of labyrinths. Unmaze is available on Android and iOS mobile, but not on PC (neither on Windows nor on Mac). Players can find the game and download it on Play store and Appstore. To play, the phone must have a light sensor or the game will not work.

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